Senator Carolyn McGinn sponsors Lyme Disease Awareness Resolution in the Senate on Tues, May 19, 2015 at the State Capitol in Topeka at 2 pm. 

Award Winning Medical Documentary, Under Our Skin (Full Movie)
Order DVD for home, or public viewing at 

Barbara Buchman, Executive Director of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society ( tells about tick-borne infections and physician training programs.

South Park, Lawrence, Kansas
Thank you to all who worked so hard, and to all who came to walk...
for those who are homebound, bedbound, wheelchair bound, or too tired.

Musician Caleb McGinn "Keep Pushing On," encouraging all of us!!!

John Donnally speaking from Oberlin, Kansas. On his trip across Kansas last fall, he met and rode with Caleb McGinn. Senator Carolyn McGinn sponsored Senate Resolution #1833 on May 1, 2014!!!!

Kansans share their stories!
Kansas Tick-Borne Disease Advocates, Inc. 

Ila and Kathy from the first, and longest standing support group in Kansas:
The Lyme Disease Association of Greater Kansas City. See date and time for meetings at


Wellness FAIR
Volunteer's needed for planning in 2016





  • $500-600/initial doctor visit 
  • $270/western blot test
  • $190 per follow up visit
  • A new Computer
  • Microsoft 360 membership 
  • Adobe Creative cloud membership
  • Office space-free
  • Board member with experience making YouTube videos
  • Board members with legal experience for nonprofits  and with human rights violations for access to medical care
  • New Board members who want to help who are willing to give 10 hours/month and more during our events in April/May, who can use the computer and attend online meetings.
  • Volunteers for 5K race/walk in 2015

Please email [email protected] to help as a volunteer or be considered as a Board Member

Kansas Minister shares Tale of Lyme Disease: Click Here.

Read about Kathy White: Click Here

If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, Advisory Board, or committees, please email at [email protected] or call at 785 248 3504 or email through members or find me on Facebook at

You may make requests for funding to see a Lyme Literate Physician by calling 785-248-3504 and leaving a message, or emailing at [email protected] Applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis. 

Needing a doctor?




Please mail $5.00 to the Lyme Association of Greater Kansas City
P.O. Box 25853
Overland Park, Kansas 66225
Hotline: (913) 438-L-Y-M-E (5963)


How to remove a tick properly 

Click HERE 

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